Fact Checker

On this page we ‘Fact Check’ what’s were hearing from the Clifton Hampden Parish Council
and SODC and give you our view on what’s going on:

The Parish Council claimed in an e-mail to residents on 29-Jan-2021 that ‘a significant majority’ of residents responding to the Developer Led Consultation were in favour of the current proposal.

Fact Check: When specifically asked at The Parish Council meeting on 25-Jan-2021, the Deputy Chair confirmed that she did not know what percentage of responses to the Developer Led Consultation were in favour of the development.

CV Village Voice’s View: If the Parish Council has the results of the Developer Led Consultation, why are these not being shared with the community on an anonymised basis? Our own Village Survey Results indicate something very different, with a significant majority of respondents against the development of more housing in the village. We challenge the efficacy and validity of a Developer Led Consultation process where the Developer has a strong commercial interest in a positive outcome. We further suggest that any future ‘Consultation’ be designed and operated by an independent third party that would not stand to benefit commercially from the NDO being granted permission to proceed.