Newsletter #2

21st March 2021

You may already be aware that our Parish Council is seeking to ride roughshod over legislation designed to protect Clifton Hampden’s hard-won status as a Green Belt Conservation Area.
  Despite over twenty-six thousand houses already planned for South Oxfordshire at Culham, Long Wittenham, Didcot, Appleford and Berinsfield, our parish councillors argue that ‘very special circumstances’ should allow them to invite in private developers to construct an estate of at least 25 new houses at the heart of Clifton Hampden.
  As well as some social housing, the plans include a number of large luxury houses, none of which are appropriate for a small riverside village. None of the houses have any green credentials at all. Local green spaces will be lost, together with the wildlife that lives there. The character of the village will change dramatically.
  And the likelihood is that this will not be the end of the matter. Previously, the Parish Council has tried to get permission to build up to 150 new homes in Clifton Hampden. If these 25 go ahead, we may find further plans being brought forward for even more housing in Clifton Hampden and Burcot. Our parish will become little more than a straggle of housing between the new, large estates at Culham and Berinsfield.
The plans as drawn up by the unelected Parish Council are under new legislation that is called a Neighbourhood Development Order. This means that at some point, probably in June next year, all residents of the Parish will be asked to vote on the proposals. It will only take a simple majority of voters – with no minimum number– for the scheme to go ahead. Our Parish Council – which consists of people who were all appointed without a vote, as there was no opposition at the last PC election – has already spent more than £75,000 in pushing forward this plan.
  The Parish Council are using spurious inducements, such as offers to fund a new doctors’ surgery – surely the responsibility of the NHS – and extra funding for the school – the responsibility of the Education Authority – to coerce residents into accepting this blatant destruction of conservation area and greenbelt in Clifton Hampden Village.
  Over the next few months you will be asked to take part in various public opinion surveys – run by a private house-building company, and therefore not independent – so we would urge you to look at the plans very closely and ask yourself if you want to see this level of development in a Green Belt Conservation Area.
To find our more information or speak to someone local, please contact:
Christine McCulloch: 07941 006 141
Marc Juffkins: 07971 667 049
Nick Fielding: 07880 505 684
Siobhan Soni: 07880 512 338