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The Trouble with Amateurs (Part II)

Having had further time to digest the two-sided sheet of ‘findings’ from the consultation over the Neighbourhood Development Order organised by Mr Giles Baxter and Thomas Homes, it is clear that there are still some serious issues to be examined. In a previous missive I commented on the paucity...
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The Trouble with Amateurs

If you live in the parish of Burcot and Clifton Hampden you should have just received a single-sheet document in the post entitled ‘Feedback from the Initial Parish Consultation’. The author is Giles Baxter, who was appointed by the parish council to chair the Steering Group of the proposed...
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‘Community-Led’ – or Led by the Nose?

Despite numerous attempts by concerned residents to get any sense out of our parish council concerning the proposed Neighbourhood Development Order (NDO) and plans for dozens of houses in Clifton Hampden, little information (or sense) has been forthcoming to date. The elected unopposed (with zero votes) PC continues to...
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